Coalition & Grant Information

A coalition is a group of people or groups who have joined together for a common purpose. By brining together different sectors of the community, The Blaine County Community Drug Coalition works effectively to develop comprehensive solutions for Blaine County’s unique substance abuse programs. Our goal is to achieve sustainable population-level reductions in substance abuse rates. We implement community wide strategies to change problem environments, not solely to develop protection programs that focus on serving individuals or groups of individuals.

With the help of the Idaho National Guard and the Idaho Office of Drug Policy, we also do an annual assessment of the coalition itself. Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy based on continuous improvement. A key strength of the Kaizen approach is that everyone involved is a part of the improvement process. Research shows that there are key processes in coalition work that are central to achieving results. Even small changes can increase performance and the overall outcomes of the coalition’s process. The Coalition Kaizen provides a group assessment and identifies how a team can become more efficient at those coalition processes research has shown are important to achieving population-level change.

The Drug Coalition is currently the recipient of a federal Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG).

The model on the right shows the structure of the framework, which guides the skills required to successfully implement the coalitions strategic plan. While this grant helps us with all our prevention efforts, there is an emphasis on the reduction of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs.

The SPF is the core of how we work to fulfill our mission, strengthening the community through substance abuse prevention.

Interested in helping raise the awareness surrounding youth substance abuse?  Contact us for ways to get involved!