1. New-Logo Is Gannett closed on Saturday, July 21, Road Rally day?

Automobile traffic will be affected from approximately 7am-4:00pm on Saturday. During Rally heats one should expect up to 20 minute delays.

  1. Where can I park my car at the Rally? – EVENT PARKING INFORMATION

There will be parking available at the spectator site, one MUST have spectator tickets to enter.

3. Can I bring my children to the Rally and do they have to purchase a ticket?

We welcome all children to attend, but highly recommend that they are four years or older, due to the nature of the location and facilities offered.

A89A9709All spectators, including children of all ages, are required to purchase a ticket. All spectators must sign a liability form and if they are under 18, they must provide a guardian signed spectator liability form. Link to purchase tickets:

5. I am planning on doing a road bike ride on Gannett Road on Saturday – will I have access as per usual?

There will not be any access for road biking during the day. We are truly sorry for this inconvenience, however the event is held to very strict rules and safety precautions. Thank you for your patience!

6. Is there wheelchair access at the Rally spectator site?

The Rally site is located about 50 yards off of a dirt road among natural terrain and sagebrush. Wheelchair access to the bleachers could be maneuvered, but it will through off-road terrain. Wheelchairs can also be parked near the dirt road, slightly off from the viewing bleachers, but still allow for Rally viewing.

7. Can I get close to the Rally course to take photos or video?

Spectators are welcome to take photos from the spectator site. Spectators are not permitted to cross any fencing lines for any reason, including photography.

8. What is included in the spectator ticket price and can I purchase a ticket on the day of the Rally?

All tickets are sold online prior to the event (until sold out). Remember to print out your ticket (or have your confirmation email) and you will be given a spectator wristband at the bus check-in.

9. Will there be food and drinks for purchase at the spectator site?

Yes, you will be able to purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages at the spectator site at concession stands. We also encourage you to bring your own picnic basket with your favorite treats for the day. This is a strict no alcohol, no smoking and no pets event in order to secure safety. Thank you for respecting this!

10. Is there bleacher seating and shade at the spectator site?

Yes, there is some bleacher seating with shade available. We cannot guarantee seating for all spectators and recommend that you bring your own camping chairs and umbrellas to secure shade and seating.

11. My dog has always wanted to watch a Bugatti hit 200 mph – can I bring him to the Rally?

Absolutely not. We love dogs too, but we cannot allow any pets onto the spectator site due to strict safety precautions.