Drug & Alcohol Curriculum

Back in the day, Drug and Alcohol education was used as a scare tactic. The idea was that if we, as a community, educate our youth about all the horrible things drugs and alcohol cause, then we will deter them from ever touching the stuff. Although, this is one theory of Drug and Alcohol Prevention and has been successful with some youth, it is not the only way to educate and prevent.

We have found the most informative way to educate and prevent is to share not only the cons of substance use, but also the pros and what to expect if they find themselves in an unhealthy situation.

We have provided Drug and Alcohol educational talks with our youth at various schools in the Valley and have brought speakers and assemblies within our community and outside of our community that share this same philosophy.

We believe the most effective way to prevent drug and alcohol use among our youth is through building a connection with them by involving them in decision making, spending valuable time with them, listening to their concerns, and getting to know them on a deeper level. As a community, we must not underestimate the power of modeling the behaviors we would like to see in our youth.

The Drug Coalition is involved in Drug and Alcohol Education at the Community School, Wood River High School, Wood River Middle School, Silver Creek High School, The Carey School, and The Sage School.

Want to be a part of educating youth in our valley about the benefits of healthy decisions making and alternatives to substance use?  Contact us for ways to get involved!