TDC Teens

TDC_Cross [grunge] copy 2During the teen years, positive peer pressure is one of the most significant factors in promoting healthy choices. Empowering our teens to make wise decisions, to develop meaningful peer relationships and to share how and why they refrain from using substances are the goals of TDC Teens, a program for young people in Middle School and High School. TDC Teens offers a place for young people to be fully embraced, free of labels and stereotypes. Teens involved in the program engage in healthy activities and service projects and focus on creating positivity within their schools and among their peers. In Blaine County over 150 young people are involved in TDC Teens. Encourage your teen to contact us for information about joining TDC Teens.

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Interested in learning from our youth about their experiences in Blaine County?  Contact us for ways to get involved!