Social Host Strategy

red solo cup housesThe Drug Coalition works with local municipalities to create positive policy change to reduce access and raise awareness surrounding the issue of underage drinking.

Specifically, over the past 5 years, a campaign led by The Drug Coalition has educated the public, elected officials and law enforcement about Social Hosting ordinances. These ordinances attach criminal liability to the individual who hosts an underage party knowing that underage drinking is occurring at that party.  Municipalities that adopt social hosting ordinances do so to combat the growing problem of underage drinking at house parties by closing loopholes present in existing underage drinking regulations.  For cities or counties without such ordinances, the host of the party is criminally liable only if there is sufficient evidence that the host “furnished” the alcohol for the minors.  Of course a host would be civilly liable if an accident occurred as a result of underage drinking, but these ordinances look to prevent parties before an accident occurs.

As of fall, 2015, Social Hosting ordinances have been adopted by Blaine County, the City of Bellevue and the City of Hailey.  Hopefully, in early 2017, similar ordinances will be adopted in the cities of Carey, Ketchum and Sun Valley.